hubcap joe ebay cyberstalking

The question here is why does cyber bully Hubcap Joe an eBay top rated seller cyberstalk Charles Fitch’s employer and harass his union? Who is his liaison at eBay Inc? Making narrated cyberstalking videos directed at Mr. Fitch’s employer and union. His voice clearly identifies him doing the cyberstalking.

It’s been said over the last eight years that someone at eBay Inc has a liaison connection within Google / YouTube that prevents videos that clearly violate multiple polices from being removed. Cyberstalking cyberbulling videos can be flagged and reported until the cows come home, and Google / YouTube does not do diddly!

Hubcap Joe eBay Troll Excessive Rant About Critic eBayisaJoke

This abuse of former eBay marketplace seller Charles Fitch AKA eBayisaJoke Blogger and Vlogger goes back many years. Fitch was marketing Amazon niche marketing websites on YouTube as eBayisaJoke. We know John Donahoe hated Amazon and so here was eBayisaJoke bashing the hell out of eBay and PayPal, while at the same time marketing Amazon. That must have went over like a fart in church in eBay’s boardroom meeting. This article published on 12/25/17 fully explains what went down.

Yes they cyberstalked and cyberbullied me because i refuse to take down motor vehicle fraud awareness website online since 2004. Trolls alleged to be working for Hubcap Joe have accused me of rolling back odometers and selling stolen cars. Called and emailed my pastor trying to ban me from church. Went after my girlfriends family terrorizing them with threats.

I’m an honest guy who has been wronged by this company for over 8 long years. The Natick arrests let the cat out of the bag. All of wall street is focusing on eBay and what dirty laundry will float to the surface next. Just like this trash uploaded to YouTube key-worded to my former sellers id docsqualitycars. Google is complacent by partnering with eBay Inc allowing this trash on their servers.

Maybe the new CEO Jamie Iannone will clean this cyber pay toilet up, and if so my situation is a good start, but i highly doubt it!